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Mission Statement

St Thomas a Becket Catholic Primary School

1. We at St. Thomas a Becket Catholic Primary School affirm the Catholic ethos by fostering and developing the faith communities of our schools, parishes and home.

To achieve this aim, we will:

• Live and work as a happy, loving Christian community

• Celebrate liturgies and the liturgical year through Mass and assemblies

• Develop the faith of children by telling them about Jesus, fostering their personal response in prayer and action and demonstrating faith and forgiveness lived in daily life

• Welcoming the clergy and religious to our school family

2. We celebrate the economic, cultural and ethnic diversity of our wide catchment area and aim to support all families within it.

To achieve this aim, we will:

• Create a positive, secure, listening and learning environment which takes into account the experience each child brings to school

• Promote appreciation and respect for other cultures

• Keep channels of communication open with other faith communities

3. We respect each person as an individual, celebrating their talents and enabling them to develop at a pace at which they can achieve their full potential.

• To achieve this aim, we will:

• Lead our children towards an understanding of themselves as unique beings created in God’s image

• Recognise and celebrate the worth and potential of each person through inclusion, support, appreciation and encouragement

• Enable the children to understand that their talents are God given

• We will provide an enjoyable and meaningful broad and balanced curriculum which promotes independence and respects the wholeness, talents and needs of all pupils.

• Teach our children the skills that they will need to manage their lives and learn effectively; self awareness, ways to manage feelings, motivation, empathy and social skills

4. We promote caring and supportive relationships through our pastoral commitment to all members of our Catholic community and beyond.

• To achieve this aim, we will:

• Promote a sense of responsibility and service towards others

• Adopt an open door policy and encourage parents and carers to become involved in their children’s education through parents’ evenings, Open Day, newsletters, reading and homework diaries, parent/governor meetings and PTA events

• Care for all in our schools’ communities by valuing and supporting each person’s role

• Have in place a procedure for the care, safety and well-being of children, staff and visitors.


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