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Vision and Aims


At St. Thomas a Becket Catholic Primary School we educate the whole child and are concerned with their spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical and social development. We offer a Catholic education to children of all abilities from the age of four to eleven years in the Eastbourne and surrounding area.

We care about the individual and create an atmosphere of respect, discipline and order. Children are courteous, have respect for authority and wear their uniform with pride.

Mission Statement

In St. Thomas a Becket Catholic Primary School we affirm the Catholic ethos by fostering and developing the faith communities of our schools, parishes and home.

We celebrate the economic, cultural and ethnic diversity of our wide catchment area and aim to support all families within it.

We respect each person as an individual, celebrating their talents and enabling them to develop at a pace at which they can achieve their full potential.

We promote caring and supportive relationships through our pastoral commitment to all members of our Catholic community and beyond.

Spiritual Development

We believe that prayer, worship and liturgical celebration is central to our school and that we provide a real experience of living within a Catholic community. We recognise that faith development is a gradual process, so take account of the age and stage of development of each child, as we accompany them on their faith journey and lead them to a deeper understanding of God and themselves.

We respect those of other faith traditions and encourage a sympathetic understanding of other cultures.


We believe that education is for life. We provide children with a framework for Christian living and the ability to form and conduct relationships in accordance with Christ’s law of love. We have good relationships in our school between children and staff at all levels.


We have a happy welcoming atmosphere and display work carefully and with pride. We allocate space for religious displays that reflect the gospel values. We care for the building and keep it clean and tidy. Our classrooms are attractive, stimulating, well organised and inclusive.


The curriculum is broad and balanced. We place value on our children developing as free and responsible members of society. Our children learn the qualities and skills that help them manage life and learn effectively – self awareness, managing feelings, motivation, empathy and social skills. Children find school life stimulating, interesting and challenging and are helped to experience success and satisfaction with their work. We recognise and affirm the worth of all our staff through support, appreciation and encouragement. We hold the Healthy Schools Award, Quality Mark and Artsmark. There is a quiet hum of activity and independent thinking and learning is encouraged. The result is a confident, motivated school of children.

Each child’s educational progress is assessed with rigour and in conformity with national requirements. Progress is discussed with parents regularly and our open door policy ensures that we work together with families.


A team of committed staff build on each other’s strengths and support their weaknesses. All members keep up to date with current trends and developments and work within the school’s policies and expectations.

The single governing body helps our school to flourish. Relationships within the governing body are professional and supportive.

The task of educating our children is a collaborative one, shared by home, school and parish. The harmony that exists between home and school is reflected in the social events which are organised by parents throughout the year.

Our partnership with parishes is excellent enabling them to extend the work of both home and school in the development of the faith. There exists a climate of trust and openness.

We have regular dialogue with local nurseries and St Richard’s Catholic College and maintain excellent links with the diocese of Arundel and Brighton. We encourage our children to make a positive contribution to the community in which we live and to the wider world community.

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